Megan J.

Disclosure:  This is an unsponsored post.  All opinions expressed are my own.

I do a lot of writing, and a lot of reviewing… I find that the most difficult things to write about are those that concern me. Of course, I am human, I am self-conscious, I am not perfect. I do however feel it necessary to share my most recent journey.

A while back I reviewed Fitness Kickboxing NY. I attended 3 classes and wrote about my experience. That was supposed to be it. After the classes were over I found myself upset that I would no longer be going to Fitness Kickboxing. But, I didn’t have the time, I felt guilty being away from the kids… I had all of the usual excuses…. Little did I know that I would enjoy the class so much that I would keep going. At first 2 times a week, and since then it has steadily increased. I am currently attending 5 days a week and missing it when I am not going on weekends.  I love it. I love the challenge, I love the camaraderie, I love the next day soreness, and of course I love the results. In 3 months I have lost 10 lbs (that was before I started behaving myself with my food), and have made VISABLE progress in problem areas. I have had TONS of comments. Friends and family have noticed so often that several of them have started coming with me. My clothing is fitting better, some not so much as I get too small and have to replace it ;0) As a former athlete, I had basically given in and decided that my new role was as a mom, that I had a “new” body that was softer and rounder. I knew I could lose weight, but being limited as to what I can do as a result of my three knee surgeries, I didn’t think that I would ever return to my former shape. I was very wrong, I needed to find the right exercise. I am strong again. I stand up straighter, I have more confidence. I have been so happy with my results that I have upped the ante. As a part of my training Amir is now sending me meal plans to follow. These meal plans (lessons on healthy eating that I now use for the whole family) paired with my training will really kick my results into high gear. I am so looking forward to that. Classes are hard.

I sweat (and love every minute). I am usually sore the following day, but I can now hold a plank for 45 seconds+. My muffin top is disappearing, and I am no longer ashamed to swim with my kids. There is also a room full of classmates who push you to make it through, and cheer you on.  Amir listens to his students. When we have a problem area that we would like to work on, he finds a way to build it into that day’s class, or the following day’s class. In fact, today Ashley and I stayed afterwards and completed a portion of a squat challenge together.  I attend the 6 am class. It’s the perfect way to start my day. I end up invigorated and ready to face the world. At the risk of sounding cliché I have to add that the energy built from exercising then carries me through the day. It gives me the necessary release to be happier with everything I do. RNYD is so pleased with my happiness that when I feel like I can’t attend or I have no time, he encourages me to go and happily takes the reigns with the kids. I no longer feel guilty, I now feel as though I am a good role model for my children, it’s important to take care of me too. They are learning through my actions that it’s important to be happy, it’s important to be healthy, it’s important to be active. Here's the really hard part.... my results... Here they are (remember I am still working)... while you look, take the time to notice not only how my body is becoming toned, tighter and smaller, but also my face.  In April I am exhausted, and red in the face, looking like I am going to drop dead.  NOW... sweaty, working hard, but smiling, and enjoying every moment.  

Obviously I know that all things don’t work for everyone, for example, I get ridiculously bored riding the bike for long periods of time. I thrive on the dynamic nature of kickboxing. If you are intruigued and would like to give it a try, contact Amir at Fitness Kickboxing and give it a try, 3 trial classes is a mere $20, and it’s a fantastic investment in the most important asset you have, yourself.

Megan Johnston
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