Cree S.


What difference a year makes

       It was time to make a change. I’m not letting another birthday go by feeling the way I do… That was my promise I made to myself November 2015 and I meant it. I had just started to change some of my eating habits, but I needed more. My friend Sharon was a part of a gym, but not just any treadmill having place. It was a kickboxing studio and I figured maybe she could help me out with my goals. My fitness background was cheerleading, gymnastics and dance. I was always very active and loved every team I was ever a part of. I had amazing coaches and teachers over the years and that’s what I felt I needed.

      Last November had made a little over 5 years that I had not been a part of anything and I couldn’t continue my life in the wrong direction. Sharon was willing to help me and invited me to try the intro class at Fitness Kickboxing…and there I met Amir. I started off trying to make sure I was able to attend classes when Sharon would be there and checking in with her throughout the day of what I was eating. My 1st night I knew I wanted to sign up because I was determined to stick to my promise. I would try to make at least 3 days out of the week and keep pushing forward.

    It is now December 2016, 13 months later and I’m healthier, happier and still dedicated to dancing on the bag each and every day. I am a part of the 6am class crew and they are the best motivation around. I have lost 30 pounds so far and inches galore! I have had endless amounts of meal plans made for me to follow and stepped my game up to be at classes at least 6 days out of the week. There were days in the beginning that I complained and became frustrated. I wanted the results to come quick as everyone does. It was when I stopped trying to pay attention to every pound and took every inch lost and compliment gained; I noticed I was making such a transformation already.

    On top of everything else, I gained a great coach and friend in life. Amir has always encouraged me, motivated me and somehow dealt with the crazy person I can be with a smile every day. He never stopped pushing me to do my best and it shows. He is always willing to go the extra mile to help me become even better. I’ve now completed a half marathon that was in October and that was an awesome goal to work towards.. The endurance I have now feels amazing and I can’t wait to crush more goals that I keep on making for myself. Lastly, the kickboxing family I have made really set the tone for me. We all are committed and everyone is always friendly to those that come on board. We build one another up and it is one of the best rewards while being on this journey along with the satisfaction I have worked hard for.

    My world of having great coaches to push me to be my best, has continued...