Sharon T.

      My name is Sharon and I started Fitness Kickboxing with Amir approximately 3 years ago. Prior to committing myself to kickboxing I would go to the gym and just simply walk on the treadmill and do a couple machines and that would constitute as “working out” for me. My boyfriend Jay and I decided we wanted a change in our workout routine we were not seeing results and thought we might need that extra push. We met Amir and he told us to come for the 3 class intro, we decided we could come for the 3 classes and if we did not like it we didn’t have to sign up. After the first class we were hooked. Amir teaches with such energy and enthusiasm and really helps you push your body and mind to the next level.  My original goal when I started kickboxing was to lose weight and I did. We both committed ourselves to coming to kickboxing at least 4 times a week and with proper eating habits we watched the pounds fall off.

      Fitness kickboxing was my gate way to the Spartan Race. Amir encouraged us to sign up for a race and run with him as a team. In June of 2014 we completed our first Spartan Race and we fell in love with it. Upon completing my first Spartan Race and seeing how the obstacles required strength I decided that I wanted to transform my body. My goal went from losing weight and being thin to being strong powerful women. My journey did not stop after my first race; I had the pleasure of running with Amir for 3 more races in 2014 completing our first trifecta. During 2014 my love for Obstacle Course racing and the Spartan Race only grew fonder as we pushed ourselves to achieve more. In 2015 we were on a mission. We decided we were going to do a double trifecta (sprint, super, beast) which turned into a triple trifecta which turned into a quadruple trifecta (that is equivalent to 12 races). We are almost done with our quadruple trifecta. This year has been an amazing season and I could not have done it without Amir. He truly is an amazing mentor, coach, teacher and friend. He constantly pushes me past my limits and out my comfort zone. He has shown me that hard work really does pay off and you can do anything that you set your mind too. AROO!


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