Lillian S.

I’ve loss 44 lbs and have 10 lbs to go to reach MY goal weight.

I’m soon to be 58 yrs old Grandmother on the 21st of March. I’ve been overweight for almost 30 yrs. I gained almost 50 lbs after having my children, and continued to gain weight. I tired different exercise classes and weight loss programs. I’ve lost the weight and gained it back and then some. I have Osteoarthritis in both my knees, and high blood pressure.

So my story goes like this, one day while strolling back home from the street fair with my sister, she happened to see the sign Amir had up for Fitness Kickboxing, my sister said, you should try this, it’s right across the street from where you live (how convenient is that). I think this was a sign for me to get busy.

So I stopped by one night with my niece, Amir saw us standing outside watching and invited us in. The people working out were so nice and told us how good he was. Amir took time after his last class for the day to show us some moves and even let us kick and punch the bag. I Loved it. I came back the next day to start my journey from being an overweight Grandma to looking and feeling as good as I am feeling now. It’s been a VERY long time, since I felt this good about myself. My husband even does fitness kickboxing now, which I also love. My children have never seen me in the shape I’m in today.

When I started this class I weighted 195 lbs, With the 4 week challenges Amir does I learned about the foods that was poisoning my body with. I’m still learning but have a better grasp on my nutritional intake. I’ve loss 44 lbs and have 10 lbs to go to reach MY goal weight.

“Amir, I can’t thank you and Fitness Kickboxing enough. I don’t believe I would have ever achieved the weight loss and improved health if it wasn’t for you. YOU ARE THE BEST TRAINER……EVER”

I highly recommend this class to everyone that asks me what I’m doing to lose the weight, my response is always the same, I just say “Fitness Kickboxing by Amir.”

Amir is caring and amazing. He can transform you physically and mentally.

I thank and love Amir and Fitness Kickboxing.