Wintergreen Super, Virginia - July 2015

Venue: Parking to the venue was smooth and easy very little delay. The festival area was definitely bigger than at a lot of the other races. More space to spread out and hang out. What I did not like about this venue was that there was not free beer. They had beer but it was for purchase only. At every other venue you are given a free beer ticket to use at the end of the race. What better way to cool down from a hard race than to have a free refreshing cold beer. The showers and places to change at this venue were better than at other venues. The worse part was after running 9+ miles and 25+ obstacles of steep terrain is having to go through the obstacle of getting to the shower.

Weather:  The weather during this race was hot. The race was at the end of August. I recommend a water pack and electrolytes to keep you hydrated. Sunscreen was a must during this race.

Race Type: I found this course challenging it was not the hardest race of its series, while the elevation was higher than Palmerton I found this race less challengingI was having difficulty with my legs complying with my need for them to run and push forward. They were feeling shaky and refused to warm up the first half of the race.  The terrain was a typical trail run there was not much off roading during the race. There was little to no bottlenecking except one small section. The obstacles for this course were average. They were similar to every other race we did this year.  

Team: We had 5 people during this race. Everyone had a hydration pack and plenty of energy supplements to assist during the race. The best thing that everyone had was a peanut butter sandwich. It was the best pb sandwich we have ever eaten we got a lot of wide eyes and drooling looks while we ran and ate.

Best Obstacle during this race was the Spear throw. I never get it in and since we had built a spear throw and I had been practicing this was a big win for me.  

Worst Obstacle during this race was the Rope Climb. I had one more pull to get up to hit the bell and my feet slipped causing to almost fall from 30 feet in the air. I ended up catching the rope with my inner thighs leaving an intense bruise.

One way to train better:  Hills, Hills and more hills, my nemesis.

Bio: Sharon Terry, This year I ran 12 Spartan Races, from Vermont all the way to Texas. I was formerly a competitive swimmer in which I started at the age of 4 up until I was in highschool. In highschool I picked up track and field and cross county, I was never much of a runner but I enjoyed the meets. I love being an individual competitor as well as part of a large team. I was introduced to Spartan Racing in 2014 in which I completed my first trifecta. In 2015 I wanted to do bigger and better so we decided our goal this year would be 4 trifecta’s. IT was such a great season and I am so thankful to have been able to complete my goal for 2015. My goal for 2016 is to compete in 1 Elite race, I may not be the fastest or the strongest but I will finish and push myself. I do not plan on racing as much this season since I just started MMA training. I do not know where my training will take me but I cannot wait to find out!


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Carolinas Beast, South Carolina, November 2015

Venue: Parking was a serious problem it took us 1.5 hours to park. The festival was done better last year, although this year they did have two bonfires which was nice.  Luckily the changing room was heated, but I didn't shower after the race because it was too cold out.  
Weather:  So f**king COLD.
Race Type: South Carolina was a Beast. It wasn't that hard; Vermont was definitely harder. The terrain was rolling hills, tons of mud, and what water there was freezing cold. The course was never over crowded. The hardest obstacles were the last two, which were the slip-wall and the multi-rig due to my hands being frozen.  
Team: Many people ran but I did this one solo because wanted to finish faster. We started so late I knew it was going to get cold early. I learned to not  listen to your teammates always add more layers.
Best Obstacle: Rope climb.
Worst Obstacle:  Bucket carry is always the worst.
One way to train better: Lower back always cramps up; need more lower back workouts.  
Bio: DANEgerous, 14 races in total, second year running.

Killington Beast, Vermont, September 2015

Venue: I was very fortunate to have overnight lodging at the Killington Resort, so that definitely helped in regards to logistics (if you are willing to pay a premium price - book early).  That said, I think I got spoiled by the venue at Tuxedo, for the Sprint, which was awesome!  Parking was definitely a ‘challenge.’  I had to park at quite a distance from the venue and be bussed in - by the time the race was over, I couldn’t remember which lot my car was in… got off at the wrong stop and ended up having to hoof it back up the hill.

Weather: We were fortunate enough to have ideal racing weather - not too hot, nor cold, and no rain!

Race Type: Was it a hard or easy [sprint/super/beast]? Why? What was the terrain? Did the course get crowded? Were the obstacles great, or lame?

I had always heard that Killington was ‘THE BEAST of all Beasts’ so I was training and anticipating a very challenging course.  That said, I actually found the Palmerton Super more challenging overall.  Killington was so steep that it was strictly hiking vs. running and there was so much congestion, by way of other people racing, that  you were forced to slow down constantly.  In fact, the crowdedness of the course was at times frustrating.  All of that aside, I loved Killington.  The views were breathtaking and it was a course that was challenging, but fun!

The Team: 5+ people ran this race from our typical ‘crew,’ however I stuck with my training partner Erin.  We had raced together previously and found our pace very similar.  She was a rock-star partner and made it that much more fun.  The turkey jerky she had was a life savor - forget mustard packs!  I think we had a full-meal on the course!  Most valuable thing I learned on the course was to chose your undergarments carefully - Erin’s pants ripped mid-way through the course, earning her the name of ‘cheeks of the East.’

The best obstacle for me in this race was the barbed-wire crawl.  I think there were three separate obstacles with barbed wire and they were absolutely miserable.  However, because you are forced to slow down, the commentary from your fellow race mates is priceless!

The rope climb is my arch nemesis - if memory serves, there were two of them in this race.  Practice, practice, practice!

One way to train better: For me, additional upper body strength training is essential.  I have been trail running, hiking and biking a lot which helps, but the upper body can always use work.

Christine K. - formerly a ballerina, always a fitness/adventure enthusiast.  I have been a runner since my teens for fun not sport.  Kickboxing was first introduced to me about 8 years ago and I more recently found my new ‘home’ with Nyack Fitness Kickboxing (nm?).  I earned my first Tri-Fecta this year plus will have an additional 2 Sprints completed for 2015; a Tough Mudder; number of local 5-10K’s.  Next year, going for the double Trifecta for sure!

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Palmerton Super, New Jersey - June 2015

The Palmerton Super was absolutely my favorite race. Set on a hot July Saturday, this race was tough, challenging, diverse, and super fun.

Venue: There was parking close to the venue, but also far enough away that there were buses provided to take people back and forth between the farther parking lot and the venue. There was a good amount of venders at the venue, but nothing too special. It was muddy and hot, and there was not enough sun coverage for spectators. The spectators could see parts of the race including the start and the bucket carry, but unfortunately they could not see as much obstacles as other races. They could however see everyone look like tiny ants marching up and down the ski slopes. Overall, Palmerton was not the worse venue, but nothing special.

Weather: Hot, hot, hot. It was late July, middle of the day. Gatorade/electrolytes in your water is a must, so was sunscreen. I always just put a small bottle of yellow Gatorade in my water and fill the rest of my camelback with water, it does the trick vs. buying special electrolytes. 

Race Type: Super, 8+ miles, 25+ obstacles. The terrain really makes Palmerton special. The first two miles they send the racers directly up the mountain to face a series of obstacles. The elevation is no joke in the beginning of this race.
Once at the top you reached the Hercultes Hoist was waiting for you. Then the course took the races up and down, and up and down. The most exciting part about this race was how tough the obstacles were. They made the sandbag carry, bucket carry, and log carry on the steepest parts of the slopes. In my 6 races, I haven’t experiences carries on elevations such Palmerton, and this includes Killington.
As in all of life, once you go up, you must come down. The course offered tough terrain in the downhill sections to the point where I had to sit and slide on my butt for some of the downhill. 
Team: The team for this race was pretty big at 10 people. Since it was hot, everyone carried their own water and a peanut butter sandwhich (which are magical in a race). I got the most help on the z-wall with support as I went through it. 

Best Obstacle: This was one of the few courses I nailed the Spear Throw, so Spear Throw takes the cake for Palmerton. 

Worst Obstacle: Rope climb. After my success/failure at Tuxedo (I made it all the way up the rope only to skid on the way down and get massive rope burn) I was a little nervous about this one. I was also exhausted at this point because it was right after the bucket carry, which was absolutely the steepest/longest carry of the courses that I got a few pulls up the rope and came down. 

One Way to Train Better: Weighs up hills. Then some more hills. Heat conditioning. Upper body strength for the steep carries. 

Erin R: College tennis player, accidental runner, avid hiker. First year racing Spartan Races, and completed a 2x trifecta.

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Year in Review: 2015 Obstacle Course Racing

Anubis Fitness has ran 12 Spartan Races in the 2015 season. Here, have the members of the Anubis Fitness OCR team speak about the best and worst aspects of each races. We will give advice and tips as well as course reviews for all the races we've ran. The races are written by the individuals of the each and provide a personal viewpoint from all the races from the Boston Sprint, to the Killington Beast. We've even thrown in a Tough Mudder review for those interested.

In this Year in Review you can look forward to reading about:
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Boston Super, June, 2015
Palmerton Super, July 2015
Wintergreen Super, August 2015
Boston Sprint, August 2015
Mt. Creek Super, September 2015
Killington Beast, September 2015
Dallas Beast, October 2015
Carolinas Beast, November 2015
Tough Mudder,  November 2015

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We love Obstacle Course Racing. We love the adrenaline, the camaraderie, the battles, and the perseverance each race brings. Follow us as we go back through the season and share our favorite parts! 

We train almost year round in our Studio in Nyack, NY. We run trail runs on weekends, and train in our studio. Most importantly, we do lots and lots of burpees.

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We even met “The Bear” Novakovich at one of the races this year! 

Most importantly, we have fun!