Every class we make sure we take care of our bodies and warm up through jump roping and stretches. 

 At Fitness Kickboxing, the goal is to increase the overall fitness of each member, and to teach you how to maintain your weight and fitness level for LIFE! We understand that every member is unique, and that everyone is at a different fitness level. The class structure allows everyone to move at their own pace, while still providing a challenging workout. As you keep coming to classes, you will quickly increase your fitness level, and rapidly see your endurance and strength increase - in a very short time, you will be able to complete moves you weren't able to complete in the first class. We help you identify your physical abilities, and your limits, and very quickly move to the next level! We don't only help our members lose weight, we help them change their lifestyle - this is not an overnight-quick fix solution, it will require commitment and dedication. You will not only be coached in kickboxing, you will learn about proper nutrition - NOT DIETING! Nutrition and exercise for hand in hand for lifelong fitness.

Then, we work on mitts with a partner to continue our warm up, and start our upper body workout.

 An example of what we do at Kickboxing class is, offer a 1-hour boot-camp style class. We start with a warm up of jump roping and stretches. Then we train with a partner on mitts and heavy bag. It is important to note that we never fight one another; this is purely a fitness workout. After we work on the mitts we continue to mix up the class with heavy bag and floor exercises.  Then we always end with a 5-minute challenge, which is a mix of workouts and changes everyday. In class we play upbeat music, have a high-energy, fun, and challenging workout for each and every session.

Then we continue through the class with an rotating list of exercises, from sit-ups, to roundhouse kicks, to punching on the bag, to burpess. Each class is different and a total body workout!

Each class is challenging and no two classes are ever the same. The instructors are always present and actively engaged with each and every moment of the class, beginning to end.  We always bring a positive attitude and encourage individuals to push themselves to get to the next level, mentally and physically.  At Anubis Fitness we commit to our goals and always ask ourselves “What are you committed to?”